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Comprehensive Wealth Management

Help to Create and Grow Wealth

  • Investments - are they appropriate?
  • Insurance (Life, Health, Disability, Umbrella, etc.) - adequate / cost effective?
  • Is there a plan to minimize taxation?

Assisting You With Protecting and Preserving Wealth

  • Overall Investment Portfolio - asset allocation, diversification, non-correlation
  • Overall Insurance Program - adequate / cost effective?
  • Tax Sensitivity Plan

Plan Distribution of Wealth at Retirement

  • Retirement Plan, Roth and Traditional IRAs, Pension Plan, Social Security
  • Business Succession Plan / Stock Options
  • Transition Plan - in case of incapacity; does it provide continuity?
  • Gifting to Family - does it provide tax-efficiency and control?
  • Gifting to Charity - does it provide tax-efficiency and control?
  • Review beneficiary designations - does it provide continuity?

Plan Distribution of Wealth at Death

  • Titling of Assets - probate avoidance, estate tax minimization, transition
  • Distribution plan to spouse, loved ones, charity
  • Who are executor and trustee (establish transition plan)?

There is no guarantee that asset allocation and diversification will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio, nor ensure a profit or protect against a loss.